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36 Hours In Istanbul

It was a busy January for us! We had a (very) mini break to Istanbul as we were invited to an awards ceremony. Very exciting!

It was a charity event raising money for Kelebek Cocuklar which is an organisation that cares for the most vulnerable children and families who cannot afford healthcare in Turkey. We were honored to be invited as it was a very glitzy affair. There were Turkish celebrities there and a very famous Turkish pop star was performing!

On arrival in Istanbul we were met by Enver's parents who had arranged to come and see us while we were there, and two of Enver's cousins came along too! We like to make the most of our trips and always see some family. We visited Taksim Square and went to the grand bazaar, did a bit of shopping, found some hidden gems and ate loads of food of course!

The event was held at the Elite World Asia Hotel, which is where we stayed also and we had a wonderful view of the Bosporus from our room. There was a red carpet and professional photographers to take our pictures. We were then interviewed by Turkish TV who luckily spoke English for me :)

There were attendees from all over Europe who had been nominated in all different categories, from restaurants to hairdressers, solicitors and fashion designers. We were sat at a table with a lovely couple from The Hague who had their own party decorations business! The event really celebrated Turkish business people who had excelled in their field and Enver's was nominated for the best Turkish Restaurant in the UK. And we only went and won!! Such a wonderful surprise as we were happy to just be invited. Enver collected the award for us and gave a very short but sweet speech. Then we had a few too many drinks and a good dance to Hande, a wonderful Turkish popstar, whose music you can hear playing in restaurant every night (shame I didn't get her photo).

All in all a very good trip and we are dying to go again and explore more of Istanbul.

Görüşürüz Istanbul 🇹🇷

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